"CRA-audit Proofed" Small Business Accounting Services in Ottawa

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Accounting Firm in Ottawa that hits the target

  • Ex-CRA Auditor  who completed 200 small business tax audits;
  • Chartered Professional Accountant;
  • Small Business Accountant in Ottawa with 20 years of experience;
  • Tech-Savvy Accountant – Quickbooks and Xero Certified Partner;

Accountant That listens and Partners

Our Accounting Firm builds deep, trust-based partnerships with the clients.

We “listen and partner,” rather than “analyze and tell.

Our principal, Boris Davidkov, CPA, CGA, worked as a small business Tax Auditor and Tax Investigator with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for 12 years.

Dexado offers small business accounting services that are customized and add value to each business we serve.

We provide accounting for small businesses in different industries in Ottawa, including professional practitioners, general contractors, IT consultants, software developers, and e-commerce.

Small Business Accounting Services in Ottawa

Customizable Annual Pricing Plans


Tax Returns Preparation
$ 1,250 STARTING AT:
  • Corporate Tax Return
  • Individual Tax Return
  • Notice to Reader
  • Financial Statements
  • Tax Planning
  • CRA Audit Protection


Tax Services and Accounting
$ 2,550 STARTING AT:
  • Corporate Tax Return
  • Individual Tax Return
  • Notice to Reader
  • Financial Statements
  • Tax Planning
  • CRA Audit Protection


Tax , Accounting, CRA Protection
$ 3,950 STARTING AT:
  • Corporate Tax Return
  • Individual Tax Return
  • Notice to Reader
  • Financial Statements
  • Tax Planning
  • CRA Audit Protection
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Financial Statements

Compilation of Financial Statements and Notice to Reader Letter

Accounting Firm prepares Financial Statements

Our Accounting Firm collects the clients’ financial information, summarize it, place it into financial statements, and prepare a Notice to Reader letter.

The financials help our clients manage their business more effectively and develop budgets, critical financial analysis, and business proposals for financing.

We interpret and analyze the financial data to help our clients to run a better business in Ottawa.

During each compilation engagement, we commit to :

  • Comply with professional standards and abide by general accounting principles;
  • Apply professional judgement and consider the reasonability of the information provided;
  • Issue an engagement letter describing the terms and the scope of our engagement;
  • Provide with an estimate of our accounting fees;
  • Obtain the accounting data(general ledger) and the summary of accounts and balances (trial balance);
  • Prepare working papers required by the CPA professional engagement guide;
  • Prepare and post journal entries to reclassify the accounts balances;
  • Prepare and post adjusting entries to correct errors and commissions;
  • Compile the accounting data and prepare Financial Statements;
  • Prepare a Notice to Reader Letter to the client.
  • Use the Financial Statements and accounting data to prepare the tax returns.

Small Business Accounting that creates Value in Ottawa

Tax Returns Preparation

Tax time for small business tax services

We prepare the following Tax Returns:

  • Individual Tax Returns preparation;
  • Corporate Tax Returns preparation;
  • Partnerships Tax Returns preparation;
  • T4s ,T5s, T5018s Information Returns
  • GST/HST Tax returns;

We are qualified to identify and detect the most common issues that could trigger a tax audit, and we know how to resolve them at an early stage to avoid the risk of a CRA audit.

We are proud to be a small business accountant that provides outstanding tax preparation services to Ottawa’s small business during these difficult times.

Our accounting firm commits to contribute to Ottawa’s small business community by maximizing the after-tax income and minimizing the risk of CRA Audit.

As part of our tax preparation services, we commit to :

  • Offer Tax returns preparation that meets the requirements of the Tax Act;
  • Claim maximum allowed Income tax deductions and credits;
  • Maximize the owners net worth;
  • Prepare “CRA Audit proofed” tax returns;
  • Transmit the tax returns electronically (e-file) to the CRA;
  • Deal with CRA to obtain all information needed for the tax preparation;
  • Create value for our client’s business by providing exceptional tax services;

# 1 Tax Returns Preparation Services in Ottawa

CRA Audit Protection

Shield your business from the CRA Audit

CRA Audit Protection for our services Tax returns preparation

Our Accounting firm has created a unique CRA Audit Protection Service program for our clients.

We guarantee our small business clients that they will receive free representation and assistance during CRA Audit if the CRA decides to review the tax returns we had prepared for them.

Because our principal worked as CRA Auditor for many years, auditing small businesses just like yours, we have learned how to defend the tax-related issues you will face during the CRA audit.

We are confident that we know how to deal with the CRA during Tax Audit and apply the tax law necessary to defend your rights as a taxpayer.

With our audit assistance guarantee, you will receive professional tax representation through the entire audit process.

We will spend all the necessary time to defend your rights and resolve the disputes with the CRA.

However, the best CRA Audit protection is to minimize audit risk, which is the number one priority of the tax services provided by our accounting firm.

Unique CRA Audit Protection Program in Ottawa

Small Business Tax Planning

Creates Value and increases the Wealth

Tax Services - Tax Planning sign

The key to maximizing the shareholder’s after-tax income and increasing the business value is tax planning.

It requires a unique tax experience to deal with small business corporations’ tax planning and their shareholders.

As part of the tax services, we offer tax planning for various stages of the small business life-cycle that include:

  • Incorporation and business setup tax planning;
  • Distributions to owner‐managers (salaries and bonuses);
  • Income splitting through incorporated businesses and individuals;
  • Small business deduction to reduce the tax liabilities for qualifying businesses;
  • RRSP planning arrangements;
  • Business deductions and tax incentives;
  • Capital cost allowance (depreciation)
  • Purchase and sale of a business;
  • Corporate reorganization;
  • Transfer of property to incorporated business and partnership;

Dedicated Tax Planning for the Small Businesses

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