Professional Accounting Services in Ottawa

Investigations for tax evasion

Criminal Investigations

Ex-CRA Criminal Investigator

Assistance in reducing the likelihood of Criminal Investigations for tax evasion.
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Mock tax audit

Mock Audits & Voluntary Disclosure

Avoid CRA Audit at any Cost

Friendly Networth Audit to determine the unreported income for Voluntary Disclosure
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small business tax accounting

Small Business Accounting Services

CRA Audit-Proofed Accounting

Financial Statements, Corporate and Personal Income Tax Returns
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cloud accounting and bookkeeping

Cloud Accounting & Bookeeping

Real-Time Accounting & Cloud Bookkeeping

Customized for freelancers, contractors, professionals, and other small businesses.
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Business advisory

Business Advisory and consulting

business-pain-points solutions

Advisory service that helps you to survive during difficult times and continue to grow
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accounting systems setup

Accounting systems setup


Cloud migration, integration, and optimization of small business dataflows
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Delivering quality Accounting service is our #1 priority

Professional Accounting Services Is The Key To The Small Business Success​

Our main priority is to deliver quality tax, accounting and bookkeeping services to our clients.

It is important to us that you get the attention you need from an accounting professional who recognizes the challenges you face in your business.

We believe the success of the small business depends on the quality of the accounting services.

As a business owner, managing accounting work yourself is difficult and time-consuming as you need to focus on a business’s core activities. 

For that reason, small businesses in Canada prefer to hire professionals who can manage the bookkeeping and provide financial and tax advice throughout the year.

We will customize our services to help your business to scale up and supersede. 

We look after your corporate and personal financial needs with the following services:

Why you should work with Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)?

Engaging the services of a dedicated chartered professional accountant  (CPA) provides your business with on-demand accounting and tax advice from an accounting professional recognized by CPA Canada.

CPAs’ main advantage is the oversight — accounting practitioners holding the CPA designation are regulated by a professional body that ensures they adhere to their code of ethics and meet the high professional standards. 

Importantly, CPAs must take out professional liability insurance and regularly to be inspected by the professional body to certify that they remain up to standards.

What you should expect from a Professional Accountant (CPA):

The main reason to engage a professional accountant is to keep your business compliant, minimize your taxes and maintain a low risk of being audited by the CRA.

It is difficult to think that a business can grow without professional tax help. 
A professional accountant must predict and avoid tax problems and solve them early and eliminate the risk of heavy penalties and excessive tax liability.
Our tax accounting services can reduce the risk factor of tax compliance errors and protect your wealth.

Accounting and bookkeeping require significant time and resources. 

When it comes to small businesses that do not have accounting personnel, it can result in a loss of concentration on the productive aspects. 

Hiring a professional accountant to help you with bookkeeping and tax accounting will help you keep track of all business payments, including daily business expenses, sales, and purchase records. 

Therefore, it will be easy for you to predict future losses and gain for your business.

Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping functions will save you time to deal with the other aspects of business growth as we will reduce the additional burden on your head. 

If you are running a business and overburdened due to your accounting needs, it is essential to connect with us early to release you from accounting-related tensions before it is too late.

Not every small business owner can be naturally efficient with numbers, and this is fine. If it is difficult for you to deal with your bookkeeping system and your reporting system is not practical, we can help.

We will provide simple financial data reports, so you can easily understand and make decisions.

We will help you in budgeting and analyzing your business’s cash flow, which is the foundation to make the required business decision for future growth.

Our role is to help you prepare regular reports and records of your financial activities to measure your business viability and strategize it in better ways.

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