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The new way of bookkeeping with Quickbooks Online and Xero

cloud-based Accounting Systems Setup and Optimization

The right time to set up a bookkeeping system for your business is at the beginning of the new fiscal year.

The right way is to set you up with a cloud-based accounting system that makes the bookkeeping easy.

We choose the right cloud software and apps for your business, and we will optimize your business processes to help you get more done in less time.

Quickbooks Online and Xero allow you to work remotely, be more effective, and benefit from real-time financial information.

We will migrate your accounting data from your previous system and ensure that it is done correctly and on time.

Your new online bookkeeping process will be simple to use. The software will import the transactions directly from your online banking.

Receipts will be stored electronically, and the data will be captured automatically.

You will never miss a tax-saving opportunity again.

The technology allows us to automate your bookkeeping. Let us help you save hours of bookkeeping time you spend every month and get back to doing what you love.

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The essential steps for accounting systems Setup

Quickbooks / Xero / Wave/ Excel

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We will review your requirements, and we will recommend a cloud accounting software that meets your business needs and accounting system requirements.

We will input your business’s profile details, including business name, email, tax accounts, fiscal year-end, organization description, addresses, phone and fax numbers, logo, and the business website.

We will ensure you have the right financial year-end and the correct tax accounts number for GST/HST, Payroll, Corporate Tax, and Other Tax Liabilities.

Next, we will set up your invoices with the terms of payments, contact info, and your business logo based on your design preferences and business requirements.

We will customize your invoice templates based on the design schemes included in the software.

If you are switching from another accounting software, we will import your old chart of accounts to the new accounting software or create a new chart of accounts.

We will design the new chart of accounts to meet your financial reporting needs and tax requirements. 

We will add, customize, or delete as many as needed accounts to match your business’s needs.

We will connect your bank accounts to the cloud accounting software. The software will automatically import transactions recorded by your bank, saving you a lot of data entry time. 

The best way to track your sales and expenses without having to enter every transaction manually is by connecting your business bank and credit card accounts to QuickBooks Online or Xero.

We will link your new accounting system to any active payment services or payment apps.

With a wider variety of payment options, it is easier for you to make payments and to collect faster payments from your customers. 

These apps will also provide you with the opportunity to pay your suppliers and have your vendor and bank accounts easily reconciled. 

Both Quickbooks Online and Xero integrate with multiple payment apps, including PayPalStripeTelPay or Rottessa.

We will create an account for each user, depending on their roles and needs. We will make sure that we protect the integrity of your accounting data.

We will help you get paid quickly. We will set up a payment reminders system, improve accounts receivable control systems and  help you get paid faster.

We will customize the Balance Sheet, Profit And Loss, Aged Receivables, and Aged Payables reports and add them to the list of favourite reports.

Using a wide range of apps is a great way to streamline repetitive business processes and save time.

Cloud accounting software offers a wide range of apps with an extensive range of functionalities, including:

  • Cash flow forecasting;
  • Document management;
  • Data capture;
  • Payment processing;
  • Project management;
  • Job costing;
  • Custom reporting; 
  • Performance analysis;

We will work with you to understand your business, and we will recommend the best apps to automate repetitive tasks and processes.

We will improve your business effectiveness by creating significant value for your business with our app advisory services.

We will add the year-end conversion accounts balances from your previous accounting system to the new one, and we will ensure that your year-to-date figures are as expected.

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