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Boris Davidkov Ex-CRA Officer CPA Frim Principle

Meet our Principle

Boris Davidkov CPA, CGA, Formal CRA Officer

Boris Davidkov, CPA, CGA, is the president and the principal of Dexado Accounting and Tax.

He is a Chartered Professional Accountant with more than 20 years of accounting experience. Boris is a Formal CRA Auditor and Tax Investigator with 12+ years of experience.

Boris worked as a Small Business Tax Auditor in the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) for eight years.

He conducted over 200 income tax audits of small in medium businesses in many industries, including construction, real estate, land developers, general contractors, builders, trades, restaurants, oil and gas, cash businesses, retail, groceries, and gas stations.

As a Tax Auditor, he developed expertise in the Net Worth Audit Technique used in the CRA to audit the income of small businesses working in the underground economy (restaurants, contractors, cash businesses).

Boris Davidkov, CPA, CGA, worked as a criminal investigator for the CRA for four years.

He participated in several investigations into Canadian individuals’ financial schemes and corporations suspected of tax evasion in cases of domestic and international tax fraud schemes.

He conducted several forensic analysis to establish evidence of tax offences that must prove fraudulent tax schemes detected beyond a reasonable doubt.

CPA Firm Founded by a Formal CRA Officer

Who We Are

CPA Firm that Protects your Savings

Dexado Accounting and Tax is a CPA firm registered with the Chartered Professional Accountants Association of Ontario in Ottawa. 

We specialize in solving small business tax problems by preparing “CRA audit-proofed” tax returns and resolving tax disputes with the CRA.  We also provide client accounting and bookkeeping services that help our clients to run a better business.

Dexado Accounting and Tax is a boutique CPA firm that builds long-term relationships with our clients. We don’t provide just service and solutions; we create value that exceeds our clients’ price.  

We treat our clients as a family with trust, dignity, and respect. We are building with them long-term relationships that become successful partnerships.

Our firm creates vast value to our clients by solving tax issues and protecting them for the CRA Audits and investigations. 

CPA firm that makes a difference

Our Mission

  • To help our clients to stay ON their business, not IN the business, by providing “CRA Audit-Proofed” accounting services;
  • To value always more the time spend WITH the family rather than the time IN the business;
  • To treat clients, partners and employees like family.

Our Commitment

  • To maintain the highest standards of integrity, ethics, and professionalism established by CPA Canada for the registered CPA Firms;
  • To improve the quality of our work continuously by using the technologies with an innovative approach;
  • To build relationships with our clients that become partnerships.

Our Believes

  • No person shall be ever over-taxed;
  • Every person should pay a fair amount of taxes;
  • No person should be humiliated by the CRA;
  • Every person has the right to disagree with the CRA and appeal to their decisions.

Our Core Values

We believe that all human beings are members of a global family. We strive to treat each person with respect and kindness.

Our CPA Firm does utmost to ensure we serve all of our clients in the same way that we would want to be served – with quality, compassion and professionalism.

We believe that all things originate from God.  We put our trust in God and believe that every success starts with trust and progresses with trust.

Trust is what we stand for and how we do our work. Trustworthiness leads to security.

We love our clients, and we love our work. We believe that only with love, we can accomplish miracles.

When you love to give something, you always get back something with equal value. When you wait to receive it before you give, then you get nothing.

In our CPA Firm, we believe that working hard and being always busy is not safe. 

Working hard creates exhaustion and stress that leads to health problems. 

Working smart but not hard cures this issue and produces a better quality of service.

Therefore, we have made it a mandate in our practice to work smart but not hard. 

 Today to be innovative is the surviving skillset required to progress and stay competitive.

We always search for new ways to acquire learning, serve our clients better, and ensure those who work with us are treated with respect and get what they deserve.

As we commit ourselves to progress and high-quality service, we dedicate more than 10% of our work hours for training, research, and continuing professional development.

Building relationships that become partnerships is an essential component for the success of our CPA Firm.

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