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About Dexado Accounting and Tax

Tax Accountant and CRA Expert in Ottawa

Dexado Accounting and Tax is a Professional Accounting Firm registered in CPA Ontario. Wet provide small business accounting and tax services in Ottawa and in the National Capital Region.

Our Accounting Firm specializes in tax accounting.  We eliminate the tax problems and resolve the disputes with the Canada Revenue Agency.

We also provide assistance, representation, and litigation support during the CRA Audits, Criminal Investigations for Tax Evasion, and the process of Objection and Appeals to Notices of Reassessments.

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Our Services and Expertise

Our Tax Accounting will protect your business from destructive tax burden.

small business accounting

Compilation of Financial Statements and preparation of "CRA audit-proofed" corporate and personal tax returns.

With the cloud technology we can provide bookkeeping service across Canada.

cloud accounting & bookkeeping

Virtual Accounting Office for start-ups, freelancers, contractors, IT companies, professionals, and other small businesses.

Four hands, four fists, small business advisory and help to run better business

Business Advisory

Advisory service that helps you to survive during difficult times by improving the "business-pain-points" and cash flow

CRA Audit Help

CRA Tax Audit Assistance

Assistance and representation during Income Tax Audits, GST/HST Audits and Net Worth Audits.

The justice system is your ally if you have tax professional to object and resolve you tax disputes

Tax Disputes & Objections

Preparation and submission of Notice of Objections and representation during Tax Disputes and Appeals.

Criminal Investigations for tax evasion.

Criminal Investigations

Reducing the likelihood of Criminal Investigations for tax evasion. Litigation Support and forensic assistance.

Boris Davidkov is an Ex-CRA Officer and a chartered professional accountant with 20 years of accounting experience, including  12+ years with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as a small business tax auditor and criminal investigator.

Boris performed over 200 tax audits of small and medium businesses in many industries in Canada.

He also participated in several criminal investigations of tax evasion for domestic and international tax schemes in Ottawa.

In 2020 Boris resigned from CRA as he decided to become a Tax Accountant. He registered Dexado Accounting and Tax Professional Corporation with CPA Ontario in July 2020.

Ex-CRA, COA, & Tax Accountant, Boris Davidkov , CPA, CGA Certificate in honor of 10 years of service with Canada Revenue Agency. Signed by Prime Minister in September 2017

Our Process

Explore our website, learn about our firm and how we are different. Discover how you can benefit from our “CRA Audit Proofed” tax services. If you are interested in meeting, connect with us by using our contact form or call us.

We will schedule a free consultation. Currently, we conduct  Zoom meetings, but we believe that in near future we can benefit from a meeting in-person. The goal of the first meeting is to learn about your business and your needs. 

CPA Ontario requires every chartered professional accountant to prepare an engagement letter (proposal). We will prepare and send you our proposal explaining the nature, terms of our engagement. We discuss the terms of the engagement and if you accept them, you sign and send back a copy of the engagement letter.

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